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ac origins crack download

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Assassin's Creed Origins is OVER 5 YEARS OLD...
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The authors have abandoned the scheme based on the execution of spectacular counterattacks in favor of using dodges and blocking attacks with a shield, as well as taking advantage of moments when the opponents are exposed to blows. Exploration plays an important role, which can be done both on foot once again, we can use the freerunning system, thanks to which the protagonist climbs the elements of the environment and jumps over them in a deft, parkour way and on the back of a mount - a horse or a camel, which can be summoned by whistling. Dans le config. In addition, attacks are divided into two categories - light ones are used primarily during battles with weaker opponents, while the use of heavy ones is one of the ways to defeat armored enemies this also applies to bosses. Skills are divided into three groups corresponding to the preferred style of play: Master Warrior includes talents for fighting in close quarters; Master Hunter allows you to master the use of the bow and the silent elimination of enemies; Master Seer, in turn, concerns the tools used by Bayek and the manipulation of the environment.